When foreign companies start their online business in China, they will find out that they are facing a labyrinth of channels. This is true from the e-store, online/offline advertising, social media, logistics services to warehousing of your inventory. We are here to provide you the most efficient and effective way to reach your target customers and to optimize your ROI.

At the first stage, we go through the analysis of your current product/pricing mix compared to local Chinese consumer, the competitors’ strategy whether local or international, subsequently we will propose your customized digital marketing strategy. At the same, we will start the “onboarding process” whereby import, tax and other administrative or regulatory checks are done.

-  Warehousing and Logistics

-   Order Fulfillment

-   Payment and Financial Service

-   Ongoing Customer Support

China-Ecommerce.Com Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

China E-Commerce Entry and Marketing Strategy

-  Store set-up: Application, design, proposal of

e-commerce shop based on marketing strategy and budget allocation, product translation, photography.

-   Store and order management, customer service, and merchandise management.

-   E-shop marketing: search optimization, banner advertisement, newsletter and promotional marketing.

Full Set-up of TMall, JD Shop, Xia Hung Shu, and other

E-Commerce shops.

China Total Solution covers sales/shop management, CRM, warehousing, logistics, payment etc.

Our plans are stated below for reference with a short summary of what is provided for each platform. Please contact us for further information.

China-Ecommerce.Com is a full service digital marketing agency specialized in China and operative since 2013. Our services include China omni-channel marketing strategy development and e-commerce operations.

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