China is the world's largest E-Commerce market by transaction value. By the end of 2015 it has also overtaken US and EU in actual online revenues. At the same time, E-Commerce infrastructure has substantially improved in recent years & sales potential appears limitless, however the market remains challenging due to its unique local characteristics.

China is the Largest E-commerce Market in the World

China Huge Growth Potential

Wages in China are increasing sharply

200 million New Online Shoppers by 2020

According to Goldman Sachs, about 75% of China’s 467 million online shoppers are urban Millennials, mostly in top-tier cities. They expect 200 million new shoppers to come online by

2020 — 71% of which will come from lower-tier cities, reaching a total of more than 670 million shoppers. Online sales forecast are also expected to reach USD 1.7 trillion by 2020.

Shoppers in China spend about US$1,300 online each year. This is expected to increase substantially as the incomes of today’s online shoppers grow and as consumers buy more categories and more branded goods.

Challenges of Digital Marketing in China

Regulatory Barriers

Regulations and tax changes are detrimental for companies to keep abreast of. We monitor the news and regulatory changes on a daily basis and will be able to update our customers on a timely manner. Although the direction for China is  definitely further liberalization.

Local Knowledge and Culture

Chinese e-commerce has become incredibly attractive for overseas brands. However, entrance in Chinese e-commerce is slightly trickier due to cultural barriers and language difference which prevents effective reaching out to customers and converting leads into sales.

Fragmented Marketing Channels

There are numerous channels through which companies can sell products and multiple options to advertise. China-Ecommerce.Com provides you with all necessary information and services, saving your company time, effort, and money.

China One-Stop-Solution

E-Commerce Operations: Warehousing & Fulfillment Services

China-Ecommerce.Com One-Stop-Solution

China Largest E-commerce Market

China online Retail Sales surpassed USD 1 Trillion

What we offer?

China-Ecommerce.Com helps foreign companies to establish brand awareness in China through multiple digital strategies and enhance conversion of leads into sales.

We offer a one-stop customized solution from formulation of entry and marketing strategy, complete launch of the ecommerce shop (registration/product photography, translation, shop design, ongoing management and customer service), proposal and execution of digital marketing channels through social media like WeChat, Weibo and Sina, Search Engine Optimization, E-mail newsletter distribution, fast sales & seasonal promotion, and offline marketing such as magazines and banner ads. We also assist foreign companies in warehousing and logistics of its products, payment service selection, and customer support including online chat, inbound call and customer support.

China E-Commerce Market Entry & Strategy Consulting

Set-up and manage

E-Commerce Shop Tmall, JD, WeChat, Xiao Hung Shu and other channels

China-Ecommerce.Com is a full service digital marketing agency specialized in China and operative since 2013. Our services include China omni-channel marketing strategy development and e-commerce operations.

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